TEL Library Homeschool



As part of our commitment to affordable education, TEL offers a parent-friendly, inclusive solution for college-bound homeschool students. Our Collegiate High School package includes a catalog of high-quality, self-paced courses that provide the equivalent of a 3-hour college course, while also covering core high school requirements. Equally important, the TEL curriculum is designed to help students develop the literacies and competencies they need to flourish in college and beyond. Students who successfully complete TEL courses are eligible to receive transcripted, transferable college credit from our credit-granting partner. For more information, please visit our Homeschool FAQ page.



TEL’s Early Collegiate High School curriculum is offered at an extremely affordable price — $75 per course enrollment. This includes all curriculum, learning materials, exam proctoring, online support, and other course administration.



Our experienced instructors and learning design team members develop high-quality curriculum for college-level general education subject areas. Our content is rigorous yet understandable and relevant across a broad spectrum of learners. It is designed to help students develop literacies and competencies they need to flourish in college and beyond.



TEL courses are designed for flexible, self-paced learning, meaning that students can work at their own pace and according to their unique homeschool schedule. TEL provides parents sample course syllabi and guidelines to accommodate different course completion schedules.



Students who complete TEL courses can obtain a transcript from our credit-granting or credit-recommendation partner to the college or university of their choice. The option to grant credit always belongs to the college or university and may also depend upon whether a course fits into a student’s degree program. We strongly encourage all students seek advising from their academic counselor or registrar to determine the applicability of the credits at the college or university of their choice. TEL’s General Education curriculum is designed to match with lower division (freshman/sophomore) core curriculum requirements at most colleges and universities. For that reason, the credits should not only be transferable, but applicable to a student’s major degree program.



Collegiate High School Program Features
  • Affordable pricing — $75 per course enrollment — that includes all course materials and online support
  • Technology platform that supports flexible instructional models and personalized learning
  • Progress-management for self-paced learners
  • Exam proctoring and other course administration
  • Implementation guides for parents with support for multiple teaching and study models
  • Online support tools for parents and students
  • College-level courses with transcripted, transferable credit through TEL’s credit-granting partner
Course Features
  • Original video presentations
  • Reading sections that provide core information and specific illustrations or applications
  • Formative assessments and assignments that reinforce knowledge acquisition and application
  • Summative assessments mapped to learning objectives
  • Dynamic study tools including glossary, notes, and journal
  • A resource toolbox for each lesson to promote ongoing learning and exploration