TEL Library Higher Education


Working with TEL, you gain access to our intuitive, flexible, and affordable online course catalog. These courses can be licensed with a variety of support and management options, and are designed to support flexible instructional delivery models, including online, blended, and classroom environments. For more information, visit our FAQ Page.



With a complete library of GenEd courses, institutions that work with TEL can plug-and-play a proven, quality curriculum with no developmental costs into a variety of learning scenarios that can serve a broad spectrum of student types.



Our experienced instructors and learning design team members develop high-quality curriculum for college-level general education subject areas. Our team has decades of experience architecting and teaching courses for traditional, hybrid, and online learning. We understand first-hand the different teaching and learning requirements for these environments and have created unique learning models for each.



Our turnkey solutions include both basic and advanced customization. Basic customization includes school branding and limited institution or instructor content, and advanced includes course content mapped to unique learning objectives and customized design and delivery options.



TEL’s Curriculum Development team provides Instructors of Record who identify core concepts associated with each course. They identify course concepts by reviewing course catalogs, syllabi from different types of institutions, leading textbooks, knowledge, and skill sets recommended by professional organizations, and institutional, state, and federal standards.



Our College and Career Readiness program is an education curriculum that prepares students for their transition from high school to college and from college into the workplace and promotes continued professional growth after employment.



TEL Library’s courses are designed as self-paced online courses and can also be used for blended/hybrid courses with in-class instruction. As a self-paced course, students can work at their own pace and according to their unique schedule. This means some students are able to complete the coursework in a much shorter amount of time, but they also have the flexibility to stretch their course completion beyond the estimated time. This kind of flexibility allows for our courses to meet the needs of a wide variety of students.



Course Packs – $29.99/student/course
  • All course materials (curriculum, assessments, teacher resources)
  • Instructor on-boarding support
  • White-label course platform with progress management for self-paced learners
  • Basic course platform support for students
  • Technology platform integration with institutional LMS through standard LTI integration


Curriculum Care – $99.99/student/course

All Course Packs features PLUS:

  • Academic advising
  • Course administration including grading and reporting
  • Course facilitation and student mentoring
  • Course content mapped to institutional learning objectives
  • Course customization
  • Consulting on design and delivery options using TEL courses

NOTE: Additional customization options available per request