TEL Library Educators 


Higher Education

Textbooks: TEL Library textbooks are high-quality, affordable alternatives to traditional textbooks. Our textbooks are available for $9.99, and students retain lifetime access to the products they purchase. Each textbook includes original media, readings, formative assignments and assessments, and dynamic study tools.

Curriculum: TEL Library’s white-labeled, program management services and general education curriculum help institutions grow brand awareness, launch new programs quickly and cost-effectively, and address new student markets with high-quality, affordable learning programs. Learn more. 


TEL Library offers a parent-friendly, inclusive solution for college-bound homeschool students. Our Collegiate High School package provides a catalog of self-paced courses that are designed to be the equivalent of 3-hour college courses, while also covering core high school requirements. Learn more. 

Correctional Centers

At TEL Library, we believe that no one needs the hope of education more than those in correctional centers. From diversion and reentry centers to state and federal prisons, they represent a significant segment of our society’s population. Unfortunately, it is also a segment that is both undereducated and underserved by colleges and universities.

Keeping with TEL Library’s mission of delivering affordable and accessible learning, we are currently exploring opportunities to bring hope through education to correctional centers in the U.S.

High School

The TEL Library online curriculum is available to high schools as an affordable, turnkey solution for implementing early college high school programs. We offer verified college-level courses that, where applicable, are also mapped to state education standards and AP curriculum frameworks. TEL Library courses support a wide range of instructional models — self-paced, blended, and personalized learning — and we provide implementation guides to facilitate program deployment.

TEL Library courses are built using our Stackable Lessons™ model for an engaging learning experience. Each course lesson includes original media, readings, formative assignments and assessments, summative assessments, and dynamic study tools. Program courses also feature proctored summative assessments and other grading as required by course content.